Invest with Purpose.

Align your financial goals with your personal values and invest in a sustainable future.

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The Story

In the midst of economic and energy crises, we realized that our investment portfolios were out of sync with our values. Most ETFs held shares in sectors we couldn't support, such as fossil fuels, mining, tobacco, and firearms. We wanted to invest in a way that would protect our assets and our environment, and we discovered a way to do both.

We saw that investing in renewable energy could be lucrative, but only the wealthiest investors had access to the multi-million-dollar projects that generated the highest returns. We dug deeper and found that these investors could also benefit from tax incentives that made it possible to build cash-generating portfolios at low cost.

We wanted to make these opportunities accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy few. As techies, we saw an opportunity to use technology to level the playing field. We invested in our own solar farm with friends, and then built an app that allows anyone to invest in solar and wind assets.

We believe that sustainable investing shouldn't be limited to the elite. By using technology to empower small investors, we're making it possible for everyone to invest in a way that reflects their values and generates positive returns. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable and equitable world.

Our management team

With a passionate team of different nationalities based in Berlin, Terra One is proud to have a driven management team working towards our vision to reimagine investing.

  • Tony Schumacher

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Marius Schondelmaier

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Jasmin Gorski

    Head of HR

  • Daniel Bulygin

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Malte Herberg

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Holly Grace Callis

    Community Manager

Berlin headquaters

Terra One Climate Solutions GmbH
Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 6
10179 Berlin