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Buy German Land & earn dividends.

Buy fractional shares of German land used for solar farms starting at just 100m². Earn dividends from solar energy and benefit from the increasing land prices with a projected return of 5-7% annually. Sell your share at any time.

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The easiest way to own a piece of land in Germany.

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5-7% annual returns

Our projection is based on the sale of energy generated by the solar farm on the land and the expected appreciation of the land value.

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Based in Germany

Terra One is a Germany-based company, supported by Europe's largest venture capital investors.

Maximize your assets with energy investments

Save up to €280,000 in taxes per year with Terra One Black - the premium service from Terra One.

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Invest in real cash generating assets.

Your investment drives the future of Germanys energy independence.

Ownership of the asset
Stable dividends
Land appreciation

Plannable revenues through energy production and land ownership.

Projected revenue and appreciation based on similar projects. (Project bases: 1.273,000 USD, 191,000 m², 25 years wind & solar operations)

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"I've bought my first German property through Terra One. It's a great way to invest in renewable energy and and own a piece of land."

H. Menzdorf, Freelance Project Manager
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Earn dividends from solar energy.

After purchasing the land Terra One will build a solar farm on it. You'll receive a share of the energy produced and the land value appreciation.

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Investors & Advisors

We're backed by some of the best investors in the world. The strongest entrepreneurs from the areas of financial services, investing and real estate.

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