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Maximise your income as a landowner with Terra One's battery storage partnerships

Terra One offers landowners an attractive and reliable source of income by utilising their land for battery storage projects, without financial risk. All project costs, including dismantling insurance, are covered by Terra One, ensuring a minimal burden on the land. The projects are characterised by high standards, transparency, proactive communication and flexible land use.

In addition, owners with high energy consumption can benefit from power purchase agreements.

100 MW example project

20 MW example project

Advantages for landowners

What can you expect?

Secure income

Renting the space for our battery storage systems provides landlords with a long-term and stable source of income over a period of 20 years, ensuring reliable financial planning.

CO2 reduction

By making your land available for battery storage, you are making a significant contribution to the expansion of renewable energies and the reduction of environmental pollution. This enables you to actively participate in tackling climate change and help shape a sustainable future.

Local economic development

By partnering with Terra One, you help create jobs and promote local economic development. Your contribution supports the local community and strengthens the socio-economic vitality of the region.

Our partnership

At Terra One, you enjoy a transparent and fair partnership based on open communication and mutual trust. We are always available to answer your questions, listen to your concerns and inform you about all aspects of your co-operation with us.

What happens to your land?

Your land in good hands

The land is built with standardized storage containers, which are installed and maintained by Terra One's partner companies. The grid connection is coordinated and implemented in consultation with the responsible grid operator.


The land required depends entirely on the available and desired capacity at the transformer station. We build 15 to 500 MW projects. For a small 15 MW storage facility, 1500 to 2000 square meters are sufficient. To realize larger projects, at least 1 hectare or more is required.

Your contact person

Marvin Neumann

Head of Acquisition

Markus Rössler

Acquisition Manager

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