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Cooperation with municipalities

Introduction to the benefits of battery storage in municipalities

Battery storage systems play a crucial role in providing a more sustainable, reliable and efficient energy supply in modern communities. They improve the energy infrastructure and offer economic and environmental benefits. By diversifying and utilising renewable energy more effectively, they increase energy autonomy. Recognising that communities are key players in the implementation of energy storage projects has shaped our strategy of working closely with them. In partnerships with local communities, we develop customised solutions which meet the needs of the communities and the requirements of the electricity grid.


Stabilization of the power grid

Improving grid quality by reacting quickly to energy fluctuations.


Promotion of renewable energies

More efficient utilisation of renewable sources through improved storage options.


Economic incentives

Attractive, long-term income opportunities for landowners and local economic development.


Cost reduction in energy supply

Reduction of municipal energy costs through efficient energy storage and utilization.


Increasing local energy autonomy

Independence from the supra-regional electricity market through local energy generation and storage.


Contribution to climate protection

Supporting global climate protection targets by reducing CO2 emissions.

Main advantages for municipalities

Balancing power

Battery storage systems react quickly to fluctuations in the energy supply and help improve grid quality.

Producer flexibility

Energy producers can react more flexibly to changes in energy demand. This enables more efficient utilization of renewable energy sources and helps to reduce energy costs.

Buffering price peaks

Battery storage systems contribute to cost efficiency by storing energy at low prices and then releasing it at peak prices. This helps municipalities reduce their financial burden.

Increasing local energy autonomy

By storing locally generated energy, e.g. from photovoltaic systems, municipalities can act more independently of the supra-regional electricity market.

Improving the local infrastructure

Investments in battery storage can strengthen the local infrastructure and create new jobs.

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Maximilian Bodewein

Head Of Development

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Project Development Manager

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