Maximize your assets with energy investments

Save up to €280,000 in taxes per year with Terra One Black - the premium service from Terra One.

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Premium service

Your entry into tax-optimized investments.

Profit from high returns on investments in sustainable energy. Save up to €280,000 in taxes per year with tax-optimized solar investments from Terra One Black. From as little as €10,000 of equity.

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How it works

In three steps to your first PV investment.

Investing in solar energy has never been easier: Our investment service guides you through the three most important steps to get the most out of your solar plant.

1. Find an investment object

We search nationwide for the perfect solar project, calculate the profitability ourselves based on more than 80 factors and notify you as soon as we have found a suitable object for you.

2. Tax optimization

All Terra One Black investments are tax optimized. Make full use of depreciation allowances and make up to 60% of your investment tax deductible.

3. Financing with bank loan

Maximize your investment with a bank loan and leverage your equity by up to 8-10 times. We take care of the entire application and the communication with the bank.

Become part of Germany's energy transition.

To achieve our climate goals, we have to install photovoltaics on around 44,000 hectares of land every year by 2040. This corresponds to about 169 football fields per day (source: Fraunhofer Institute).

Potential investment objects
> 28,000
Return on equity
> 8.5%
Tax deductible
Equity share
from 10,000€
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Premium service from Terra One Black

Choose from our services for private investors. Invest tax optimized with as little as 10,000€ equity.

Terra One

Invest even with small amounts from 100€ in solar projects.

from 100€

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  • Limited tax benefits
  • From 100€ equity
  • Direct sale of shares
  • Access to the Terra One help center

Terra One Black+

+ Financing

Tax optimized investment with a bank loan.

from 10,000€

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  • Up to 280,000€ tax savings per year
  • From 10,000€ equity
  • Min. 2 years investment period
  • Premium telephone support
  • Bank loan for maximized tax benefits

Terra One Black

Tax optimized investment in PV systems without bank loan.

from 50,000€

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  • Up to 280,000€ tax savings per year
  • From 50,000€ equity
  • Min. 2 years investment period
  • Premium telephone support

What our customers say

Satisfied investors recommend Terra One Black

“The Terra One team helped me at every step - from finding a suitable solar plant to financing my investment. I am now the proud owner of a successful solar energy plant and enjoy high returns. Thanks to Terra One!”

Andreas B.
Invesierte 390.000€

“I was looking for a sustainable investment and Terra One helped me find a suitable plant. Now I benefit from long-term returns and contribute to the energy transition.”

Maximilian T.
Invesierte 760.000€

“I was skeptical whether an investment in solar energy is really profitable. But Terra One showed me how I can maximize my returns - from tax optimization to financing my investment.”

Laura N.
Invesierte 185.000€

“I decided to go with Terra One because I wanted a safe and profitable investment in solar energy. The team helped me optimize my investment and now I enjoy high returns.”

Franziska F.
Invesierte 34.000€

Our partners

Together with our partners, we are committed to a sustainable future and enable our customers to make a safe and profitable investment in solar energy.

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